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Why You Need an Insurance Broker

78Whether you own your own business and need group health and other insurance benefits for your employees, or you want or need health, life, accident or other insurance for yourself and/or your family, finding an insurance broker is a wise decision. An insurance broker does not add to your cost of insurance, yet an insurance broker does guide you through the maze of information that you need to know to purchase insurance. How much insurance do you need? What is a fair price? Do I really need this particular insurance? Should I buy term or whole life insurance?

To start, an insurance broker is appointed with a number of different insurance carriers, so your broker can shop each of the carriers for benefits and pricing of each of the carriers. A broker does not work for the insurance carriers, they work for you and your interests. They will shop each of the carriers for the protection and benefits you need and want as well as the price. A good broker will find you the insurance you need at a price you are willing to pay. An insurance broker does not cost you any more money, since they are paid by the carrier through which you purchase your insurance.

Another benefit of purchasing insurance through a broker is that you will get to know the person who is selling you your insurance, and you will benefit from their knowledge and experience. You will receive personalized service from a person that you get to know and trust. Generally, an insurance company will guide you to their “one-size-fits-all” policies.


Tenants Insurance

76Protection of your assets and the risks of third-party liability should be a primary concern to all renters simply because accidents do happen and we seldom have visibility to them until after the fact. An unwatched pot or overflowing bathtub can cause a great deal of damage to your unit and contents. Tenants insurance covers your contents against losses caused by fire, smoke damage, water damage, vandalism, theft, and many additional perils.

What is the specific protection that tenants insurance can provide?

  • Contents – Protection for contents in the policyholder’s unit and other personal belongings worn or used by the resident on- and off-premises. If you were able to turn your unit upside down and shake it, whatever falls would generally be considered “contents” whereas whatever doesn’t is part of the building and is not covered. Contents can include, but are not limited to furniture, clothes, televisions, bedding, and dishes. Some restrictions may of course apply.
  • Personal Liability – If a resident is found to be responsible for causing damage to the building or another person’s property (for example, if a resident accidentally started a fire in their room) or caused bodily injury to another person on the premises, coverage under the policy will respond up to the insured limit to pay legal expenses and compensatory damages subject to the Policy Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions of the policy.
  • Additional Living Expenses – If as a consequence of an insured loss the tenant’s unit is unfit for occupancy or a resident has to move out their unit while repairs are being made, coverage under the policy will pay the increased expenses up to insured limit incurred by the resident to obtain temporary housing subject to the Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions of the policy. If a resident has to move to a hotel for a few days while their unit is being repaired, these additional costs and increased food costs for restaurant meals may be covered under the Policy subject to the Policy Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions of the policy.
  • Other Coverages – Additional coverages may be available for earthquake, jewellery, and fine arts. Please check with your insurance broker as required.


What are the main factors to look for while buying motor insurance in India?

20Everyone likes a brand new car, but not all consider the future insurance expenses while purchasing them. Thus, they do not select the plan wisely and end up paying huge amounts for a meagre coverage.

Selecting the right motor insurance plan is important because it is mandatory in India and you can save significant amounts on your premium payments. So, you should look into all these factors while purchasing motor insurance in India.

  • Reliability and credibility: Look for a well reputed and reliable insurance provider. Popularity can be one way of judging that. Also, take some general review of the company’s service and customer support. You need to select a company that caters to your needs and is active in settling claims.